NOA Professional Certificate in Outsourcing

Distance Learning

Launching December 2012, the NOA's Certificate programme is available as a distance learning option, offering extensive study and university level qualifications to add value to your role and organisation, completed at a time to suit you.

The Professional Certificate programmes consist of workbooks and EWBL (Evidence of Work Based Learning) papers. The level of qualification depends on the number of workbooks and EWBL completed, in the following breakdown:

Two workbooks and one piece of EWBL: NOA Foundation Certificate

Four workbooks and three pieces of EWBL: NOA Professional Certificate (allowing students to add CertNOA after their name)

Workbooks contain a number of exercises that asks the learner to consider some key outsourcing questions.  The exercises encourage students to think in some depth about the challenges of outsourcing and to reflect on how outsourcing practice might be improved in their own organisations.  The topics include:

-  NOA Life Cycle

-  Governance

-  Relationship Management

-  Performance Management

Work Based Learning papers ask the learner to relate their study to their place of work, and consist of about 3500-4000 words. You may choose to use work that you have produced as part of your outsourcing role, along with a commentary.

 Tutor support is provided to ensure that students are able to obtain support.  Work submitted is assessed by Pathway tutors and feedback provided.


How to Register

To register and pay for the NOA Foundation Certificate course email or  call 0207292 8686 . For those new to an outsourcing role, students are advised to have first completed the  NOA Gateway course before they register for the NOA Certificate course.



  The NOA Certificate programmes are awarded by the National Outsourcing Association, and the Professional Certificate is accredited by Middlesex University.



The Foundation Certificate programme fee is £650.  Professional Certificate programme is a further £900. All programme fees include assessment and tutor support and exclude VAT.