NOA Diploma in Strategic Global Outsourcing


Experienced professionals can now obtain a university accredited professional qualification.  The NOA Diploma allows participants to explore in depth areas that are of particular relevance to them and to their organisations. Successful participants will also be entitled to add " DipNOA" after their names to denote their achievement.  This allows them to capture learning from on the job experience and to add value to their organisations, while working towards a valued professional qualification.  

The course is split into 3 modules, each of which takes around 3 months to complete, with the entire programme being typically completed, alongside their work role, over a one year period. 

The first module introduces the NOA Life Cycle model and participants use the model to undertake a review of outsourcing (and shared services) in their own organisation.  Participants choose their own subjects for exploration, and the review invariably identifies opportunities for improvement and so will add signficant value to the organisation.  It also provides the basis for the participant to scope their work for modules 2 and 3, which again will be work based exercises. To ensure that there is interaction, networking and sharing of learning with others, three one day workshops are organised over the course of the programme.

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How to Register

To register and pay for the NOA Diploma course email or call 0207 292 8686 .   

Registration is now open for the Spring 2014 programme and  discounts  are available for those who register early and for multiple registrations - call for details.  



Participants need to demonstrate that they are in a sourcing management role and have significant experience in business and specifically the sourcing arena.  No previous academic qualifications are required.


  Early Bird discounts are available for those who register before the end of January 2014 reducing the fees for NOA members to £2,900 (+VAT)- a saving of £500 on the full fees!

Continuing Professional Development

On completion of the Diploma individuals can choose to take further post graduate level modules, and can also apply to register for a masters degree awarded by Middlesex University.


"It was a stimulating programme which allowed me to take my learning to a new level, and was of real value to my organisation."  IT Manager

"As an experienced outsourcing professional the programme was just what I had been looking for - an opportunity to take my practice of outsourcing to the next level."  Financial services senior manager