February 2013

Alphabet celebrate public sector success

The multi-marque fleet funding company Alphabet have successfully grown their public centre fleet by 5%, benefiting areas across the UK.

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service, the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Kent County Council, and Suffolk County Council have all achieved this through cost savings initiatives within each organisation. Alphabet teamed up with Sector Treasury Services Ltd (a leading independent public service advisory organisation), and were appointed to the West Midlands Ambulance Service Vehicle Supply Framework and the Halton Housing Trust Contract Hire Framework.     

For the full story see:  http://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/2013/2/18/alphabet-celebrates-public-sector-success/46220/      


January 2013

NOA's Public Sector Skills Academy to launch in February

As more public sector organisations face outsourcing their services in reaction to stringent budget cuts, there is more debate about both the possible opportunities and limitations encountered by engaging with outside suppliers.

The National Outsourcing Association have recognised the need for greater understanding of outsourcing best practice and strategy. The NOA hope, through a series of workshops, to nurture 'a new breed of commercially astute, sourcing savvy civil servants'.

The Public Sector Skills Academy (PSSA) will take place at venues in London and Birmingham from February to November, and offer those working in the sector an insight into best practice, including the NOA's Outsourcing Life Cycle. An essential workshop for those involved in outsourcing, you can register your interest book your place on a date of your choice by calling NOA Pathway on 0845 130 5500 or emailing contact@noapathway.co.uk.

For more info see: http://www.noa.co.uk/index.php/site/event/697/

November 2012

Outsourcing could save Government up to 10% in bills, says new report

A study by the British Hospitality Association (BHA) has suggested ways in which the Government and councils could benefit from savings of up to 10% by outsourcing their catering and facilities management services to private businesses.

Over the next 5 years, the Government will put 13 tenders out at a total of £70bn. The BHA have highlighted that outsourcing catering and facilities management services are opportunities that could not only save money, but tap into great UK skillsets and boost private businesses.

See the full story here: http://www.bha.org.uk/2012/11/29/bha-launches-22nd-annual-food-and-service-management-report-with-four-recommendations-for-government-action/

Pathway student scoops Academic Achievement Award at the official event in London

Lorna Baker, of the Land Registry, picked up a well-earned award at the ninth NOAA event on October 2012.

Every year these awards seek out and spotlight both best practice and excellence in outsourcing across the buy-side, sell-side and advisory spaces. The ninth NOAA saw the hilarious  Josh Widdicombe host a fantastic night with a superb array of talented winners and the energising  Rick Parfitt Junior Band giving everyone an excuse to strut their sourcing stuff. 

Lorna completed the NOA Diploma in Strategic Global Outsourcing, which aims to apply learning to real outsourcing challenges in the workplace.

October 2012

NOA to speak at conference in China

NOA Pathway has been invited to speak at the 7 th  international China Software & Sourcing Summit in Xi’an, China.

The summit will be held between October 31 st  and November 2 nd , bringing together industry leaders, academics, entrepreneurs and executives from across the globe. Speakers will include representatives from BMW, AIG, BT and the Chinese Academy of Engineering as the keynote.

This year’s event features presentations and exhibitions around topical outsourcing issues, in the wake of the global financial crisis and negative press surrounding outsourcing. Emerging trends such as cloud computing and mobile technology development will be explored- offering businesses the opportunity to discuss ideas and expand networks. NOA Pathway have been asked to speak about the university accredited qualifications they have introduced for the outsourcing sector.

Xi’an, and China as a whole, is a growing success in the outsourcing provider market, reflected in its historic signing of a contract with Ireland’s Shannon Business Park- to take place at the event. The sourcing industry is changing along with the global economy- and China is playing a pivotal role in this revolution.

NOA Pathway Programmes Director Chris Halward, and Kerry Hallard NOA Communications Director will be representing the NOA. Their presentation will include an overview of outsourcing buyer trends in the UK and Europe, and their views on how to cultivate talent in the outsourcing sector.

NOA Pathway is managed by Bristol business True North through an outsourcing agreement with the NOA. True North was established in 2001 and is an established provider of training and coaching in professional development. Chris Halward believes that the conference will "help business relationships with China and help to improve the quality of service received from Chinese outsource providers which will be of significant benefit to UK organisations."


NOA to launch Public Sector Skills Academy to raise skills base in outsourcing practice

In response to national concern over the quality and management of outsourcing practice, the NOA have announced its new Public Sector Skills Academy

NOA Pathway gains Recognised Provider Status from Institute of Learning and Management

The NOA's outsourcing training programmes, delivered by True North GB Ltd, are now endorsed by the ILM- providing a stamp of quality and credibility in the learning and development industry.

The ILM offers development programmes for leaders and managers, building talent and offering a universally-recognised qualification along with the centre's own certification.

For more about NOA Pathway Outsourcing programmes, see the ' Courses Available' section of the website. To see what the ILM can offer you as an individual or organisation, see their website here.

September 2012

Outsourcing Works campaign headed by the NOA to increase efficiency gains from outsourcing

 A recent CBI report shows that the public sector is currently only seeing an 11% efficiency gain from outsourcing contracts. The NOA's Outsourcing Works campaign aims to inform the public sector of best practice and guide on the value of outsourcing projects to UK and indeed global businesses.

Of course, outsourcing is only beneficial to business when properly used. The NOA and NOA Pathway are striving to promote best practice through training and coaching.

The Future of Outsourcing- Manila hosts the International Contact Centre Conference

Insights into the future of the BPO industry were given at the conference in the Philippines- including a prediction of 15-20 per cent growth this year. 

Poverty is still a huge issue in Asia- and speakers at the conference expressed their hope that expansion of the industry will create 493,000 jobs for local people, jump-starting the economy. The country is now noted as the top outsourcing provider, even overtaking India's skilled voice workforce.

Going forward, future plans for the Philippines include advanced technology and communication platforms- due to the advent of social media and cloud technology.

Business World Online reports here

Recent research by KPMG shows cost is biggest attraction for outsourcing IT services

The consultancy found that 70% of business decision makers said cost was the biggest driver in outsourcing and indeed offshoring IT services. This has decreased from 83% in 2010 but remains the biggest reason for transferral of important processes.

Also remaining high is the need for business skills not available in-house that are readily available in a skilled overseas workforce- 51% said access to skills was an important driver. Billions of pounds worth of services are outsourced in the UK, and the appeal is clear- if someone can do the job better than you, and for less, why not outsource?

Interestingly, the survey found only 21% of participants outsourced in order to transform their business- indicating that the process is less about change, and more about cost. Inevitably, outsourcing changes people and processes- and what matters is how organisations lead their team through change. See the full article here.


12,000 jobs set to be created by Philippines BPO industry

A high demand for Filipino outsource providers has lead the BPAP (Business Processing Association of the Philippines) to address skills and talent issues in the industry.

President of BPAP, Benedict Hernandez, says of the project: " We are working with industry and government partners to address skills-and-jobs mismatch as well as to develop and sustain the talent pool."

The long-term goal is to employ 1.3 million Filipinos by 2016 in leading outsourcing firms offering IT, consultancy, finance, engineering, public services and many more. This is a result of the growth of the IT-BPO and GIC (global in-house center) industries.

The issue and plans will be discussed at the fourth annual International Outsourcing Summit in October in Makati. 

August 2012

Outsourcing set to save council £47bn

North Tyneside has announced its plans to outsource its IT, customer services, HR, finance and procurement to help to meet their budget cuts of 28% over the next four years; with a £200m contract with Balfour Beatty.

Sharing with other local councils was almost immediately ruled out, as the savings goal of £47bn required complete outsourcing to another provider.

Over 420 Tyneside staff will be under new management as the initial 10 year contract with Beatty begins. The services will continue to be delivered in-house- saving Tyneside from being forced to cut up to 300 jobs.

Capita Symonds has been announced as the company's new provider for property services, engineering and environmental services. Their services will also remain in-house, retaining 335 Tyneside staff. Their contract,at £10m per year is also expected to contribute to the council's savings plan.  


 Tips for outsourcing Call Centre services

With so many start-up companies unsure of how many customers will call, what for, and with what intention- so to many organisations, outsourcing can alleviate these uncertainties and let them concentrate on their actual business. 

Callcentrehelper.com offer these tips:

  • Start with a 'pay-per-usage' model in the early days to gauge demand for your services.
  • Choose a provider with flexible terms so that you can adapt to growth.
  • Choose a partner who has experience in your business sector as well as other industries

What do you think? for the full article, click here  


The multi-marque fleet funding company Alphabet have successfully grown their public centre fleet by 5%, benefiting areas across the UK.